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Massage and facial fusion

(aromatic body massage with a yon Ka facial fused together for the ultimate treat)
- 90mins £90

Swedish massage

(medium pressure)
- 30mins £32
- 60mins £55

Aromatherapy massage

(gentle relaxing massage with specially chosen oils)
- 30mins £35
- 60mins £58

Balinese massage

(deep and firm pressure)
- 30mins £35
- 60mins £58

Sports massage

(deep and firm pressure with stretching)
- 30min £35
- 60mins £58

Hot stone massage

(warm stones to melt away stress)
- 30mins £40
- 60mins £60


(promotes healing by stimulating the nerves in the body and encouraging the flow of blood by stimulating predefined pressure points in the feet.)
- 45mins £40

Massage by Lusso

From international massages, to hot stone and aromatherapy, massages promote healing and prevent stress build up, whilst the chosen oils melt away worries and anxieties.

All massages are tailored to individual needs and can be concentrated on specific areas if requested.

For further information on Lusso, please email or call 01405 861115.